About Pæbulum

Welcome to my space of cooking and all things food related.

What is pæbulum?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary describes Paebulum, a latin word, as the following:

  1. food; especially :  a suspension or solution of nutrients in a state suitable for absorption <Roots deliver pabulum to the plant.>

  2. intellectual sustenance <pabulum for consideration and reflection>

To me pæbulum means food for thought. And vice versa. I think about food obsessively. What to cook for dinner, what to pick at a restaurant. But I also think about in what ways I can improve my cooking skills and the science of ingredients or flavour.  I try, through recipes and stories, to relay this thinking and knowledge without going into the depths of my research. In time, I plan on doing more in-depth posts about a specific topic

Who run this blog?

My name is Sarah, I live in Denmark with my boyfriend and our birman cat, Alison (the owner of many nicknames). Professionally, I work as a biomedical lab scientist and to say the least I am a bit of nerd. I have always loved cooking, even before I could: I have pictures of me reading cookbooks, age: 2. Later, I remember my grandmother giving me total access to her kitchen. That resulted in questionable concoctions. Liver pate topped with raspberry jam, enjoyed by my (un)willingly uncle. Later when I was a teenager, my appetite humongous, I would cook, not so nutritionally correct, food after school, not caring if dinner was served 2 hours later. I love food, okay?

In the future I own more cats, a farm and a horse. I also cook all the time in my rocket-science-grade food lab/test kitchen.